Posted by : Alan | On : July 28, 2016

I dropped my brand new phone off of my speed boat in my lake and I was not very happy. That was my first phone that I had actually spent $400 dollars on and I was too cheap to purchase the insurance. The reason that I did not get the insurance is because I had never lost or broke my phone.

Off to the store I went and this time I was only going to grab a cheap phone. The line was pretty long and I had to wait for about 45 minutes. An attractive woman in front of me started chatting with me so I invited her to go home with me and take a ride on my speed boat. It was almost dark by the time we had gotten back to my house but we went for the boat ride anyways. During our little venture I found out that she works for the Sheffield escorts service.



Posted by : Alan | On : July 6, 2016

I totally embarrassed my roommate today when I walked in on them having transvestite crossdressing Newcastle fun with their boyfriend. As soon as I heard it I busted out laughing at her which made her hang up the phone rather quickly. As soon as her phone was off she looked at me with the biggest smile I have ever seen. If it wasn’t for her rosy red cheeks I would have never guessed she was embarrassed by the way she smiled. I guess this is her Tuesday morning routine, this is just the first time I have ever heard of it. At least now I know that I need to make plans for that particular morning so I do not have to sit and listen to that type of conversation. I just wish I had a warning this time around.



Posted by : Alan | On : April 2, 2016

While on business in Nottingham, England, I found myself in need of a companion for a dinner I was to attend. I started my search immediately, worrying all the time that this would be a difficult task and would be stuck hiring a lady to accompany me. I searched high and low, when actually all I had to do was ask someone. This proved not to be as difficult as I initially thought. Nottingham escorts seemed to be available everywhere I turned. All of the escort services offered beautiful and classy women to fit my need for a dinner date and offered so much more. I had my pick and choose of any type of escort I could have imagined. Ultimately, by having a gorgeous and unique date, my business dinner was a complete success thanks to the unlimited options I had available to me.



Posted by : Alan | On : November 28, 2015

One night after a taxing business meeting in London, I decided to go out to unwind. My business partner gave me the address to a Chinese karokee bar not far from our hotel and said I deserved the treat for closing the deal. When I arrived poorly sung songs and food entertained me temporarily.

When I had finished off my meal the waitress came over with the check and asked, “You looking for good time?”. I told her I was and then she ran off to take care of my bill and then returned with my change and fortune cookie. I opened the cookie and read the fortune: “Business man have good time here.”. When I looked up there were three Chinese women blowing kisses at me. At that moment my phone rang and as I answered it my business partner said, “Hey, Nottingham escort agency, who knew.”



Posted by : Alan | On : August 11, 2015

Hindu festivals are a time of celebration and remembrance while getting the participants to focus on just the spiritual matters of what is going on at the present time. While people are coming together for celebration the special atmosphere that is created at the time of celebration gives them purpose to continue on in this life until the next celebration.

The Hindu festival that appears to be the most fun for both children and adults is the celebration of Holi. This festival is celebrated at the end of winter to wash away the dreary colors that people tend to wear and see in the winter season. During the celebration of Holi the participants paint each other with brightly colored powder as they dance, haveĀ hindi phone sex and sing in the street. The celebration of Holi will remind you of an American setting of a carnival where everyone is having a joyous time.



Posted by : Alan | On : March 15, 2015

My son went off to college last month and I cannot help but worry about him. I have no idea what he is doing or who he’s with, and that’s a huge change for me. When he was here at home he always made sure to tell me his plans for the evening and if he wasn’t going to come home he would call me immediately. Not having those calls now is a sure way to give me gray hair and a possible heart attack. His friends make it worse by telling me he likes to shag in London and party all night long. I know they are just pulling my leg but it still makes me think the worst. I would honestly hope that my boy would stay focused on school and stay away from all the bad stuff, but you never know. I can just pray for the best.



Posted by : Alan | On : January 1, 2015

I have had the same fuck buddy for seven years, it has its ups and downs. We are both attracted to each other and have a lot of fun together. The one thing that does bother me is that he has another buddy that he visits often. He is the only one that I ever call when I want to get romantic. That is how it goes with this type of relationship, I just always wonder if he is ever going to leave my side.

We have done just about everything together from trips, camping adventures, concerts, beaches and so on. I will never forget the first time that we went skiing, I had never gone before. The first run I took down the hill, I fell and broke my leg. That was the end of the weekend for me and skiing also! He was there for me the entire time once we got home and helped take care of me.



Posted by : Alan | On : December 6, 2014

Next week my boss is taking a select few of us coworkers on a short vacation to get away from the hectic part of our job. We are allowed to bring one other person with us so I decided to drag my fuck buddies along to keep me company once everyone heads to bed. I don’t think there is one person on the trip that is bringing their wife. Most of them are bringing a mistress or a friend. I guess they are tired of their partner or something, because if I had a wife I totally would have brought her. We are going to London, I mean come on, how romantic is that. It would be a perfect way to patch any underlying issues with each other. But who knows what they’re all thinking.